Francis de Sales

« The most spacious and the dearest abode for my heart will be in the cleft the spear made in opening His side. I will make my home in His Fire of Love, in His Divine Heart, pierced for me ; by this burning hearth, I shall feel reviving within me the Flame of Love that was decreasing up to now…” (St Francis De Sales).

Saint Francis De Sales (kneeling, on the right, underneath Saint Paul).
He was born on August 21st 1567 at the De Sales Castle (74), and called back to God on December 28th 1622 in Lyon. He is a Doctor of the Church. His feast day is on January 24th.
Bishop of Geneva living in Annecy. “A Giant” of spiritual life, a great author (including “Treatise on the Love of God”), a prominent preacher and spiritual guide, he creates the Order of the Visitation (with Saint Jane Frances de Chantal) in 1610, in Annecy. This is how he is best venerated at the Visitation in Paray. “Really our small congregation is a handiwork of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The dying Saviour gave birth to us through the opening of His Most Sacred Heart” (St Francis De Sales to the sisters of the Visitation). Prophetic words.