Jane de Chantal

« O very blessed Will of my God, who wrapped me with your Mercies, I shall be eternally grateful : I love You from the bottom of my heart ; and, with all my strengths and affection, and from now on, I unite my will now and forever to Your will… I cast myself at the feet of Your infinite Mercy, I beseech You, my Saviour, to grant me the grace to accomplish it perfectly, so that, like a fire from Your heavenly Love, I may become a pleasing sacrifice, that will praise and bless You forever…” (Saint Jane De Chantal).

Saint Jane De Chantal (kneeling on the right, just below Saint Francis De Sales).

She was born on January 23rd 1572 in Dijon, and called back to God on December 13th 1641 in Moulins. Her feast day is on August 12th (formerly December 12th).

She was the spouse of Baron De Chantal, who will later die in a hunting accident. She bore six children (one of which was the father of Madame De Sévigné). After the death of her husband, she turned to the religious life, with the help and support of Saint Francis De Sales, and she founded with him the Order of the Visitation (1610) in Annecy, thus becoming the first Visitation sister. As founder of the Order, she had to be present many times at the various foundations of monasteries, one of which was in Paray-le-Monial, in the 1620’s. “We cannot always offer to God great things, but what we can do at any time is offer to Him little things with great love… He is the one who knows and holds Jesus in his heart, he knows everything and he owns everything…Our sole desire must be to be pleasing to God in all things” (Saint Jane to the sisters of the Visitation).