John Eudes

« Your Heart, O Jesus, my Saviour, is like a fire. It purifies me, it enlightens me, it sanctifies me. It transforms me and gives me a divine dimension. Your Love makes me part of the life of God, His Mercy, His Patience, His Goodness and His Charity. May Your Heart burn into my heart” (Saint John Eudes).

Saint John Eudes (down on the left, kneeling, looking at the congregation).
He was born on November 14th 1601 in Normandy and called back to God on August 19th 1680 in Caen. His feast day is August 19th.
As a priest he is the founder of a religious institute devoted to the training of priests, the origin of future seminarists. He precedes Margaret Mary by a few years in spreading the Devotion of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. True “Doctor” of the Sacred Heart, he sets up a proper for the Mass and Divine Office in His honour. “You are but one with Jesus, just as the body is one with the head. And therefore, be sure of being one spirit, one soul…one heart with Him. He himself must become your spirit, your heart, your love, your life and your all” (Saint John Eudes, the Admirable Heart of Jesus).