« Cœur de Jésus très saint, le Maître de tous les cœurs, tu es ma force, mon appui, ma récompense, mon salut, mon refuge, mon amour et mon tout ! Cœur d'amour, demeure avec moi et en moi ! » (Sainte Marguerite Marie).

Saint Margaret Mary (standing in front of the Apparition of Christ).

She was born on July 22nd 1647, not far from Paray ; and she was called back to God on October 17th 1690, at the Convent of the Visitation of Paray-le-Monial. Her feast day is on October 16th.

She enters the Visitation Convent of Paray in 1671. The Apparitions of Christ revealing to her the secrets of His Most Sacred Heart make  her the messenger, the confident, “the heir” of the Heart of Jesus. The most famous word of the Divine Master being : “Look at this Heart who has loved men so much”.

“I have come in order to throw a fire on the earth, and how I would like this fire to be lit already “ (Luke 12:49). These words of Jesus in the Gospel could easily sum up the content of the message left by the saint Visitation sister.

Together with Saint Margaret Mary, let us offer our life, “I entrust to the Heart of Jesus my being and my life, my heart, my mind, my memory and my will, my joys and my sorrows, my past and my future, so that all I will do and suffer be for the love and the glory of God. Lord Jesus, I chose Your Heart as a fitting dwelling for me so it will be my strength in the day of battle, my support in my weakness, my light and my guide in the hour of darkness, You who are the redeemer of my faults. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, burning fire of charity, consume within me all that displeases You, all that resists You ; lest I forget You, and be separated from You, and so that I always remain Your friend. Amen”.