Our lady

« Do whatever He tells you to do » (John 2:5).

The Most Holy Virgin Mary (above on the right, looking at the painting).
The Mother of Christ is present, contemplating this Divine Heart which is at the same time the heart of flesh of Christ… the Heart of her own flesh. There are numerous feast days in Her honour, the main one being “the Assumption of the Most Holy Virgin Mary”, on August 15th.
“But for you who honour Me, goodness will shine on you like the sun, with healing in its rays.”(Malachi 3:20). Why this quote ? During the great vision of July 2nd 1688, the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Margaret Mary, She showed her the Heart of Her Divine Son and named this Heart as “the Sun of Justice”, clearly referring to the passage in Holy Scriptures.
And the Holy Scriptures also deliver us the very last word Mary spoke (after which She will only stand quietly), words that are meant for each one of us : “Do whatever He tells you to do” (John 2:5).