Considerations for saint Madeleine’s day

My beloved Sisters we have to imitate Saint Madeleine in this way: First, we must convert from sin to grace, ourselves to the Lord and from self-esteem to divine love. She left the world to do penance, embarking on the calm sea of holy religion, to sail with the wind of the spirit of penance. Jesus will be our pilot, as he was for himself, if we seek him for the love of himself, as she sought. She went to hide in the desert of Sainte-Baume; likewise, we must often withdraw in the desert from our hearts, to drive out the venomous beasts which are, our self-esteem, our passions and evil inclinations. There is a very high mountain in this desert where this saint climbed; likewise we must climb the mountain of perfection, which is inaccessible without mortification. It is necessary to go through the low valleys of humility and humiliation. There is a cave where the saint retreated; the wound on the sacred side of Our Lord Jesus Christ and it will become ours. There was a stone in this cave where she rested; the Sacred Heart will be the place of our rest.

And, just like there is a source of water that flows continuously, the water of grace must flow constantly into our souls, from this source of the living waters of the sacred Heart of Jesus. And since this place is called “Holy Balm,” the holy love must be the precious balm that spreads it good smell on everything we told and that we want to practice, so that it may raise us seven times a day, as he raised this faithful lover, to make us converse with the angels, separated from the trade of creatures, to enjoy the loving words of our Beloved. During this octave, we will raise up our spirit to heaven seven times a day to ask the Sacred Heart for the gift of his pure love for us and for all hearts able to love him, and the spirit of penance for hardened hearts.

Le Sanctuaire

Le Sanctuaire est confié depuis 1985 par le diocèse d'Autun, Chalôn et Macon à la Communauté de l'Emmanuel.



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