Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

“We come here to meet the Heart that was pierced for us, where from water and blood flowed. It is the redeeming love, at the beginning of Salvation, our salvation, which is the beginning of the Church. We come here to contemplate the love of the Lord Jesus : His compassionate goodness for all of us during His life on earth ; His favourite love for little ones, the sick, the afflicted. Let us contemplate His blazing Heart with love for His Father, in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Let us contemplate His infinite love, the love of the eternal Son who leads us to the very mystery of God Himself.” Saint John Paul II.


Eternal Father,
I offer You the Heart of Jesus Christ,
Your beloved Son,
As He offered Himself
In sacrifice for me.
Please receive this offering I make to You,
Like also all the desires,
All the feelings,
All the affections,
All the movements,
All the actions of this Sacred Heart.
They are mine,
Since He immolated Himself for me,
And in the future I shall only desire Him.
Please receive them in atonement for my sins,
And in thanksgiving for Your goodness.
Please receive them,
And grant me through its merits,
All the graces that I need,
And especially the grace of my final perseverance.
Please receive them as many acts of love,
Adoration, praise
That I offer to Your divine Majesty,
Since it is through the Heart of Jesus
That You may be honoured and glorified with dignity.


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, teach me to forget myself so perfectly, since it is the only way through which one can enter into You. Since all I will do in the future will be Yours, please make sure I won’t do anything unworthy of You. Teach me what I should do so as to reach the purity of Your love, since You inspired in me the desire. I feel within me a great will to please You, and a greater powerlessness to get there without a special light and help that only You can give. May Your will be done in me, Lord ; I do oppose it, I know, but I would like not to oppose it : It is up to You to do everything, divine Heart of Jesus, only You will have the entire glory from my sanctification, if I become a saint ; that seems to me lighter than day ; but it will be for You a great glory, and this is the sole reason why I only want perfection. So be it. Saint Claude La Colombière
Lord Jesus, You are Our Lord and Our God.
Make it so we never look at any other star but that of Love and Mercy that shine on Your chest.
May Your heart be, O Our God, our landmark for faith, the anchor of our hope, the continuous help in our weakness, the marvellous dawn of an unshakable peace, the sun that enlightens our horizon.
Jesus, we entrust ourselves to Your Divine Heart without reserve. May Your grace convert our hearts.
Through Your mercy, uphold our families, keep them in the faithfulness of love.
May Your Gospel dictate our laws. May all people and nations of the earth take refuge in Your loving Heart and enjoy the peace You offer the world through a pure source of love and charity, from Your merciful Heart.

Saint John Paul II

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
O Heart Sacred of Jesus,
As we humbly prostrate in front of You,
We come to renew our consecration,
With the resolve to repair,
In a greater love and faithfulness towards You,
All the outrages which the world make You suffer.
We make this commitment :
The more Your mysteries are blasphemed,
The stronger will be our faith in You,
O Sacred Heart of Jesus !
The more the impiety tries to stifle our hope of eternity,
The more we will put our confidence in Your Heart,
The unique hope of mortals !
The more the hearts that resist Your divine love,
The more we will love You,
O infinitely loving Heart of Jesus !
The more Your divinity is attacked,
The more we will adore It.
O Divine Heart of Jesus !
The more Your divine laws are forgotten and transgressed,
The more we will observe them,
O most Holy Heart of Jesus !
The more Your sacraments are scorned and abandoned,
The more we will treat them with love and respect.
O merciful Heart of Jesus !
The more Your adorable virtues are forgotten,
The more we will try to put them in practice.
O Heart model of all virtue !
The more pride and sensuality tend to destroy the spirit of self-denial and the love of duty,
The more we will try to overcome them.
O Heart of Jesus !
The more the holy law of marriage is neglected and violated,
The more we will follow it with love and faith.
O Sacred Heart of Jesus !
The more the devil tries to destroy a life of prayer and the purity of devoted souls,
The more we will try to keep purity pure, chastity chaste and virginity virginal,
O Sacred Heart of Jesus !
The more mothers destroy the image of God through abortion,
The more we will save these children yet to be born by being adopted,
O Sacred Heart of Jesus !
O Heart Sacred.
Give us grace that is so strong and powerful,
That it allows us to become Your apostles in the centre of the world,
And Your crown in eternity.

Amen ! Mother Teresa

God our Father, Your are not indifferent to us, to what we are living. You carry each of us in Your Heart. You know us by our name and You take care of us. You seek us even when we abandon You. Each one of us interests You for Your Love prevents You from being indifferent to what happens to us. Touch our heart, open our heart, so it will be reclothed in Your kindness and mercy, to become Your Son Jesus’ servants of mankind. Lord Jesus Christ, cure me of the hardness of my heart. Make my heart like Yours : strong and merciful, vigilant and generous, which doesn’t close in on itself and which doesn’t fall in the trap of globalisation, selfishness and indifference. Amen.Pope François

My God,
Grant me, in order to love You,
Three hearts in one.
The first, for You,
Pure and ardent like a flame,
Holding me continuously in Your presence
And making me want to talk of You,
To act for You,
And, above all, to patiently receive
The trials which will be given to me
That I will have to overcome during my life.
The Second, tender and fraternal towards my neighbour,
Leading me to quench his spiritual thirst
By entrusting to him Your word
By being Your witness
Whilst praying for him.
May this heart be good
For those who move away from You,
And even more especially if they reject me ;
Let it rise to You
Imploring You to enlighten them
So that they can free themselves from the snares of the hunter.
May it be finally full of compassion
For all those who have left this world
In the hope of seeing You face to face…
The Third, is of bronze,
Strong for me,
Making me overcome the traps of the flesh,
Will keep me from all conceit,
Will deliver me from obstinacy,
Will encourage me to abstinence
And will help me to challenge sin.
For I know that
The more that I will overcome the seduction of nature,
The greater will be the happiness
With which You will fill me in eternity.
Saint Benoit-Joseph Labre

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