Prayer in tentation

Margaret Mary  recommended this prayer to a sister who was sorely tempted :

« Kiss your crucifix if you are alone – if not clasp your cross against your chest and say :

O my Saviour, I want to show you that in all my heart, I detest and disavow everything happening within me, which is contrary to your holy Love, and I would rather accept a thousand times death rather than giving any willing consent . Do not allow it,

o my God ! Annihilate me instead.

Be my strength, fight for me ;

 I do not refuse the battle, provided that You are my defence,

so that I do not offend You, since I am and want to be entirely Yours withour reserve.

And I desire and intend to pledge my faith to You through everything I have just said, as often as I will touch our cross, or that I will put my hand on my heart, which through all its breaths, movements or sighs, tells You that it wants to love nothing other than You, and that it is abandoning itself totally and irrevocably to your Love.

And everytime I shall kiss our cross, it is to bear witness to You, o my sovereign Goodness,

that I willingly accept all the conditions You may wish to set me,

and that I cherish my cross for the love of He who gives it to me, wishing only

to accomplish his Holy Will.

Le Sanctuaire

Le Sanctuaire est confié depuis 1985 par le diocèse d'Autun, Chalôn et Macon à la Communauté de l'Emmanuel.



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