“Hight hearts !”

Lent 2021

Dear friends,

Lent is a providential time. Between the cold of winter and the first rays of spring sunshine, creation comes to life again, our gardens not without effort will see the fruit of a hidden work. Lent adds to this renewal of creation the call to renew our interior selves.

What will be our points of attention? What do we want to plant, to cultivate within ourselves? What do we want to see germinate in spring? What if through external gestures we finally aim at an inner target?

Lent for Christians begins with a call: “Come back to me with all your heart, for I am a God of tenderness”. It culminates in the contemplation of Jesus crucified with a pierced heart.

Let us make this Lent a heart therapy. We can have a heart murmur, a broken heart, a withered heart… During these 40 days, let us take care of our heart.

“Rodrigue, do you have a heart? “(Corneille, le Cid) Don Diègue asks his son. This is a question that God invites us today to ask ourselves: Do you have a heart?

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When Jesus unveils his Heart at Paray-le-Monial to Saint Marguerite Marie, it is his whole person that He reveals: what He is in the deepest, His true nature, His substantial unity, and what made all His life on Earth, His encounters, His feelings, His reflections, His sufferings and His joy, His tiredness and His exaltation.

Our heart is not only the inviolable and hidden place where God dwells, but also what constitutes the entirety of our person, in its bodily, affective, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

To refocus on the heart is to return to the essential.

The challenge of Lent is to resurrect with Christ. The heart appears to be the key to the proper functioning of our whole being. Let us resurrect our heart in all its dimensions, to move from a heart of stone to a heart similar to the one of Jesus.

Let us revisit our heart in all its dimensions throughout these weeks so that we all finally have a heart that is 100% “Divergent” (Veronica Roth): at once strong and charitable, intelligent, just and fraternal.

Father Benoit Guédas

Rector of the Shrine of the Sacred Heart

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