Lent 2020 : 40 days of gratitude

40 days of gratitude

Dear friends,

This year once again the Church is offering us this fine present of Lent : a privileged time to bring us closer to the Lord, by the old yet effective means which are prayer, alms giving and fasting.

The time of Lent is a moment when Christ calls us to discover the peace which He promised us, this joy « that noone can take away from you » (John 16 : 22) and which however at times seems to elude us.

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    How can we see « life through rose tinted glasses » ? How can we see « the glass half full »in the midst of our difficulties just as in the midst of our joys ? And what if our genuine conversion was just what we see ?
    « To see » things differently, to look at them with benevolence and admiration, to see a landscape with the candor of one who discovers a sunset over the sea, gaze upon the face of my neighbour instead of « looking him up or down », recognise the beauty and the love of any living being , see the world and others with amazement as if it was the first time…
    And what is our look itself could change the things we look at, starting with ourselves ? To change our look upon what surrounds us is then changing our « hearts of stone » into « hearts of flesh » (Ezekiel 36 : 26) to let Christ live fully in our lives and in our world . This is what we are proposing for you for these 40 days to come and for all those days to follow !
    This programme has been tested by parishes in previous years. We are happy to propose it to you now, all you who hear the call of the heart of Jesus, which from most only receives ingratitude… « Compensate for all the ingratitude ! » Jesus said to ste Margaret Mary. And what if the plea of the Lord was first of all a desire to see us chose life ? You then be grateful !…

    This deep conversion to true joy and simplicity in all things is what Jesus proposes to us in the Bible : « Be happy and glad » ( Matthew 5 : 12) ! He invites us to live this happiness which lives in His Heart : jump for joy through gratitude ! « I bless you Father !… » (cf Matthew 11 : 25).

    Every day, you will find herein the means to bring this attitude into your life, by a sentence to meditate, a small act which gives us happiness, a test, a testimony, etc. Each time that we commit and act, be it good or bad, this act is impressed on us in some way and gradually finishes by transforming us. Let us fill our hearts with gratitude and so, replete, we will discover the transformational benefit for our daily life.

    Father Benoit Guédas
    Rector of the Sanctuary

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