Novena to saint Claude

Disciple of the heart of Jesus

From the first glance to the giving of his life in Rome , Peter followed the lamb his whole life long. To follow Christ is not only a starting point : it is a path. It is this path of a disciple that we suggest you should follow with this novena to saint Claude, faithful servant and perfect friend of Jesus. Through his intercession, we would like to take and take again this path in order to remember past stages, to receive the callings of today, to rejoice in the Lord’s presence our whole life long : « He is faithful, the One who is calling you, He will accomplish it all ! » Like Peter, we can say : « Get up again, I am only a man myself » ; but like Peter and Claude, these two disciples, we would dare to listen to the Spirit, follow Jesus and say to him again : « You have the words of eternal life ! »

Father Benoit Guédas,
Rector of the the Sanctuary

How to pray the novena


  1. Meditate on the words of the Gospel
  2. Meditate on the commentaries of saint Claude
  3. Pray this act of contrition of saint Claude Most

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
teach me to forget myself so perfectly,
since it is the only way through which one can enter into You.
Since all I will do in the future will be Yours,
please make sure I won’t do anything unworthy of You.
Teach me what I should do so as to reach the purity of Your Love,
since You inspired in me the desire.
I feel within me a great will to please You,
and a greater powerlessness to get there without a special light
and help that only You can give.
May Your will be done in me Lord ;
I do oppose it, I know, but I would like not to oppose it :
it is up to You to do everything, Divine Heart of Jesus,
only You will have the entire glory from my sanctification, if I become a saint ;
that seems to me lighter than day ;
but it will be for You a great glory, and this is the sole reason why I only want perfection.
So be it.

Saint Claude la Colombière, apostle of condidence, pray for us.

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